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What Is a Dot Diva?

We're idealistic . . .

Dot Divas dream of a better world. We imagine:

  • devices to track endangered dolphins
  • GPS systems for people who are blind
  • digital medical records in every emergency room

We're passionate about the big picture—improving life.

. . . and down-to-earth.

Everyone has dreams about making a difference. Computing makes ours come true. We can design:

  • smart phones that are smarter
  • software to help archaeologists decode ancient languages
  • mobile forensics labs for instant analysis at crime scenes

It's a great feeling knowing we're part of the solution.

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We're about style . . .

Think of your favorite phone app—a Dot Diva may be behind it! Logical and intuitive, visionary and practical, we can create:

  • a virtual fashion show for a hot new designer
  • video games for girls by girls
  • a digital gallery for local artists

We design things people love.

. . . and function

Almost every breakthrough in medicine, communications, and going green depends on computing. Dot Divas develop:

  • better ways of scanning DNA for childhood diseases
  • e-readers that hold an entire library of books
  • satellite reforestation technology to reduce our carbon footprint

We're leading the way to the future.

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We're passionate . . .

It stretches our imaginations, calls upon our problem-solving skills, and takes the power of teamwork. One of the best rewards of being a Dot Diva is working with lots of great people.

. . . and always in demand.

Computing is the wave of the future, and tons of exciting new jobs are being created all the time. Plus, the pay is great—the average starting salary for a computer science major is more than $60,000!*

*National Association of Colleges and Employees Salary Survey, Winter 2010

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