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What Do You Want for Your Daughter's Future?

What are your hopes for her career? Why computing might be her dream job.

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Consider Computing

What characteristics do you hope your daughter will find in a career? Job security? A good salary? Respect? Creative, rewarding work? A career that makes a difference in the world? A healthy balance between work and family life? A great work environment with smart, inspiring colleagues? It's all possible with a career in computing.

It's everywhere. Computing isn't just about the Internet, and it isn't just for men. Every field uses computers—whether it's education, business, healthcare, law enforcement, or entertainment. It helps save lives, fight disease, protect the environment, improve education, alleviate poverty, and build a strong economy.

It's changing the world. Someone working in computing can design and create:

  • medical tests that detect brain tumors sooner;
  • a computer program for cars that helps prevent accidents;
  • movie animation or educational video games;
  • websites that can automatically translate text into other languages;
  • underwater robots that monitor oil spills in the ocean.

It's one of the fastest-growing and best-paying fields. The job market for computing professionals is huge—and the salaries are excellent. The average starting salary for a computer science major who has just graduated with a four-year college degree is more than $60,000. (Source: National Association of Colleges and Employers Salary Survey, Winter 2010.)

Why It Might Be Your Daughter's Dream Job

In addition to wanting a great salary and job security, is your daughter passionate about making the world a better place? Using her creativity, intellect, and problem-solving skills? Working with other talented people in an exciting field that thrives on discovery and innovation? Then computing might be the perfect field for her.