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Siobhan with large group of friends, all smiling and laughing.
Siobhan Quinn
(pronounced "Shah-VAHN"—it's Irish)
Hometown: Sammamish, WA
Workplace: Foursquare, New York, NY
Education: BS, Computer Science, University of Washington
Hobbies: Yoga, shopping, and cooking.
Fun Fact: "I grew up Irish Dancing (yep—like River Dance)."

I develop features for a mobile app that helps people meet up with friends and explore their city.

—Siobhan Quinn

Looking for your friends? There's an app for that.
Siobhan works at Foursquare in New York City. It produces a hugely popular mobile app that lets users "check in" with friends and share their locations, whether they're at a café, clothing store, or club. It's also a game that challenges users to try new experiences in their city and rewards them with prizes.

What's her passion?
Bringing a feature from concept to reality. As product manager, Siobhan leads brainstorming sessions to come up with cool new features for Foursquare and works closely with designers and engineers from start to finish. "The best part of my job is building new features and delivering them to users. There's a real sense of accomplishment in seeing a feature used by millions of people when months before it was just an idea."

Other great jobs
Before Foursquare, Siobhan worked as a product manager at and as a software engineer at Google developing Google Accounts.

How she got interested in computer science
Siobhan didn't think she'd be interested in computer science, but took an intro course as a college requirement. "I was hooked after the first project, which had us build characters that walked across the screen. I wrote code to give my characters colorful clothes, which earned me extra credit."

Why she loves it
As a woman in computing, Siobhan says, "You have unique insight into what technology other women want. There are lots of opportunities for you to take an idea you're passionate about and build it into a product that has a profound impact."