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MaCherie holding out her smartphone, which displays the art history app she created. She's in an art museum, and is standing between two Asian statues.
MaCherie Edwards
Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK
Current City: Wellesley, MA
Education: BA, Media Arts and Sciences, Wellesley College
Hobbies: Photography, listening to records, collecting Russian nesting dolls, and studying random information.
Fun Fact: She's named after Stevie Wonder's hit, "Ma Cherie Amour."

I created a smartphone app for art museum visitors.

—MaCherie Edwards

Art, technology, and a great idea
As an intern at Wellesley College's Human Computer Interaction Laboratory, MaCherie created a smartphone app that gives museum visitors background about the art they're looking at. But it doesn't just provide facts—it also asks questions that invite opinions and emotional responses from the viewer.

What's cool about her app
"We found that people spent more time looking at art if they had the app with them. And it helps people who might feel uncomfortable or unknowledgeable learn more about art history and engage on a more personal level."

How she got interested in computing
MaCherie took a computer science class because "it seemed like the least painful way to fulfill the college's math requirement," but almost immediately she was intrigued by computing's creative possibilities.

Who knew?
"I grew up in a home without a computer or the Internet, so it surprised me how quickly I've been able to learn about technology. I didn't expect it to play such a huge role in my life, let alone help define my career path." And she loved finding a field that let her pursue so many of her interests at once—art history, technology, and psychology.

What's her passion?
Education. "I want to create ways to make it easier for people to navigate their world and take a deeper look at it." For her next project, MaCherie is thinking of an app that offers a tour through a botanical garden.