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Clare sitting on the stairs of an Internet communications tower, wearing a hardhat.
Clare Liguori
Hometown: League City, TX
Workplace: Motorola, Austin, TX
Education: BS, BA, Computer Science and French, University of Texas at Austin
Hobbies: "Pub quiz nights, genealogy, classical singing, spoiling my Labrador retrievers, trying Martha Stewart recipes, programming my Roomba."
Fun Fact: "I went to a barbecue in Bill Gates's backyard in Seattle. I wore high heels and they kept sinking into the grass!"

I help bring high-speed Internet to disadvantaged communities around the world.

—Clare Liguori

Got Wi-Fi?
As a software engineer at Motorola, Clare develops Wi-Fi products that bring cheap, high-speed Internet access to developing countries and postdisaster areas. "Our case studies include schools in rural India, poor mountain communities in Eastern Europe, and Louisiana police forces after Hurricane Katrina."

Smart wheelchairs
In college, Clare's favorite computing project was developing "intelligent" wheelchairs for people with impaired vision or low motor abilities. The wheelchairs navigated on their own around objects and buildings. "It's a great feeling to be able to give people more freedom and independence."

Helping teens
Clare's first job was at a nonprofit afterschool program called Project IT Girl, which teaches high school girls to use technology to help their communities. "With their new skills, the girls created digital films and computer games about deep social issues, like teen suicide and AIDS awareness."

What's her passion?
Changing the world through computing: "I always knew I wanted a job where I could help people. But I had no idea that being a software engineer would give me so many ways to really make a difference."