Educators & Parents
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Meet some real-life Dot Divas—and find out how they're changing the world in amazing ways.

I design how animated characters move on film.

Kendal Sager

I created a smartphone app for art museum visitors.

MaCherie Edwards
Art History/ Education

I develop computer simulations that increase our knowledge of nearby galaxies.

Gurtina Besla

I help bring high-speed Internet to disadvantaged communities around the world.

Clare Liguori
Communications/ Internet Technology

I develop software for a cochlear implant that will help people who are deaf to hear.

Sahray Gambaro

I create 3-D fashion design software.

Anamary Leal
Fashion & Design/ Computer Graphics

I develop software that can design easy-to-build shelters for victims of disasters.

Claudia Gold
Humanitarian & Disaster Relief

I research ways to fight cybercrime and identity theft.

Tyelisa Shields
Internet Technology/ Forensics

I developed a "virtual nurse" for hospital patients.

Laura Pfeifer

I work with artists and musicians to create software for music video games.

Maitland Lederer

I helped develop a microfinance site that combats poverty.

Janelle Tiulentino
Poverty & Social Justice

I research how people in low-income communities use technology to address violence.

Sheena Lewis
Public Safety/

I develop digital body sensors that can save the lives of firefighters.

Yolián Amaro-Rivera
Public Safety/

I create musical robots that can play duets.

Angelica Lim

I develop features for a mobile app that helps people meet up with friends.

Siobhan Quinn
Social Networking