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Educators and Parents

Two teen girls holding Dot Diva brochure. Group of teen girls holding Dot Diva materials. Dot Diva brochure cover.

Educators & CS Professionals

What's the Problem with Girls and Computing?

Why are girls so turned off . . . and how can we change that?

Are WE Part of the Problem?

Do we unconsciously reinforce the very stereotypes that drive girls away?

What Works with Girls: Messages

Find out what kinds of messages resonate with them.

What Works with Girls: Images

The right images have the power to transform girls' perceptions of computing.

But What About . . . ?

Shouldn't we be talking about math requirements, programming tools, and robotics?

Make It Your Own

Use these guidelines as a jumping-off point to create your own course, club, or recruiting materials.


Order or download our free print and online resources. Use the Dot Diva branded materials or our image bank to create your own.


What Do You Want for Your Daughter’s Future?

What are your hopes for her career? Why computing might be her dream job.

What Is Computing, Anyway?

Computer scientists, software engineers, programmers—what do they actually do?

Help Your Daughter Explore Computing

There are many ways you can help your daughter discover whether computing is right for her.