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Fun Stuff to Try Start creating games, animations, graphic design, music videos, and other amazing things right now, using easy-to-learn computer programming and technology tools. Here are a few of the most popular sites to check out.


Turn your photos into talking heads. It's simple: upload a photo of a person, select a moving mouth that'll appear on the photo, and then record a message to go with it.


Do fun and creative things with digital photos. Make a magazine cover, a movie poster, add comic book-style captions to photos, create a blog header, make a jigsaw puzzle from a photo, and a lot more.


This simple editing tool lets you create digital posters from text, images, music, and video. Post and share them on the site. If your Glog stands out as especially creative, the Glogster Team may feature you as a "Mover and Shaker."


The most easy-to-use programming language available—a great place to start your life as a Dot Diva! You can program e-cards, for example, or create an animated tutorial about American Sign Language.


Named after the main character in Alice in Wonderland, this beginning software program is a good next step after Scratch. What's especially cool about Alice is that you can create everything in 3-D. Choreograph an animated ballet or produce an interactive tour of a pyramid—led by Cleopatra!

App Inventor

Build your own smartphone apps using the App Inventor for Android. You can create a great game or build a quiz app to study for a test—it'll even ask you the questions aloud! And it's simple—no code writing necessary.

Fresh Brain

Fresh Brain is a "technology platform for teens" that lets you produce music videos, set up a personal carbon emissions calculator, or create your own ring tones. The site provides you with the latest tools in technology as well as a social networking environment so you can share ideas with other teens and collaborate on projects.

DigiGirlz Online Tutorials

Build a Web site or create your own podcast using these easy-to-follow tutorials from Microsoft.

Computing and Culture How does digital technology affect your life and the world we live in?

Mashable: The Social Media Guide

A popular blog focused on the latest Web 2.0 and social networking news, covering everything from new uses for augmented reality to ways that social media are revolutionizing activism and philanthropy.

The Buzz Report

With lots of attitude and wit, Molly Wood, executive editor of, tracks tech news and pop culture trends in her blog, podcast, and weekly video report.

Blog: Veronica Belmont

An avid gamer and social-networking junkie, Veronica blogs about women and technology, cool gadgets, new media trends, and what it all means.

Digital Nation: Life on the Virtual Frontier

An in-depth exploration of what it means to live in a 21st-century dominated by digital media and the Web. In addition to featuring the FRONTLINE television episode online, the Web site includes blogs, user-generated content, and video interviews, many of which are focused on teens.


TED (Technology, Education, Design) features short video talks from people with "ideas worth spreading"— including Bono, writer Dave Eggers, astronaut Mae Jemison, and the founders of Google, among others. There's a special section on younger speakers called "TED Under 30."

Clubs and Summer Camps Wouldn't it be cool to create games and other great technology at an afterschool club or camp? Here's just a sampling of what's out there.

Intel Computer Clubhouse Network

There are more than 100 Computer Clubhouses across the nation. These afterschool programs for ages 10-18 give you the opportunity to design videos, web sites, graphics, music productions, scientific simulations, and more.

iD Tech Camps

These one or two-week summer computer camps for ages 7-18 are offered at more than 60 universities across the country. You can learn 3-D video game design, web design, programming, robotics, video editing, and more.

Digital Media Academy for Teens and Kids

Located at more than a dozen different universities around the country, the Digital Media Academy offers one or two-week courses and residential camp programs in digital video, web design, imaging and e-publishing, and 3-D & game design.

emagination Computer Camps

Overnight and day programs for ages 8-17 at five different colleges and universities. Learn game and web design, 3-D animation, digital photography, computer music, building a PC, or programming.

Giant Campus

Offers live, online courses with instructors on game design, flash animation, robotics, and more.

Camps for Kids and Teachers

This list of more than a dozen summer camps is recommended by the Computer Science Teachers Association.

Computer Science Summer Camps

Here's a list of summer camps around the country that are especially recommended for middle and high school girls.

Computer Science in High School and College What's it like taking computer science classes in college? What should you be taking in high school to prepare? What kinds of college classes are offered? What about becoming a major? What schools offer Computer Science degrees? Visit these sites for answers.

College Board: Computer Science Major

Information about majoring in computer science from the College Board, plus a link to all the colleges and universities in the country offering CS degrees.

School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon: FAQs

Video FAQs featuring computer science majors. Students answer questions like "Do you have a life?," "What's your daily schedule?," and "What do you do during the summer?"

Preparing for a Computing Major

Advice on what courses you should take in high school from ACM, the world's largest educational computing society.

Women in Computing There are many organizations that support women students in computing, a field that is overwhelmingly male (though Dot Divas are starting to change this). A sampling of these organizations include:

Careers in Computing Learn about all the exciting jobs out there!

Why Choose CSE?

Video interviews from the University of Washington Computer Science & Engineering Department discuss the interesting career paths CS students have taken.

Sloan Career Cornerstone Center

Find out what you can do with a computer science degree and watch video profiles of computer scientists describing their work.

ACM Computing Careers Website

A content-rich site offering a wide range of information about what computing professionals do and what kinds of jobs they have. Includes video interviews with young women in the field.

STARS: Computing and IT Jobs

Learn about hot jobs in computing from STARS (Students & Technology in Academia, Research & Service).

Engineer Your Life

Read profiles about young computer scientists on EYL, a site about engineering for high school girls.